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Website Constructors are a team of highly qualified specialists working from Sotogrande, Andalucia and we want to make IT accessible to everyone. We enable your workforce with top-notch technology, support your business through server maintenance and security auditing, and deliver personalized content management systems just for you.

Available in Spain and Worldwide, we want to deliver our IT services to our clients and help them excel at their job. You don’t want to focus on security threats or website development, so the Website Constructors will step in to deliver you exactly what you need to make your business thrive.

Whether you need an entirely new website or just want to touch up what you already have, you will find the answer with us.

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Web & Mobile Specialists

It’s not enough to have a website optimised for desktops these days. Your site will have a sleek look no matter how your visitors access the page - laptop, tablet, or mobile. We specialize in delivering a flexible service that works on all platforms.

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Intuitive Thinkers

Sometimes, it’s hard to know exactly what you want. But Website Constructors have years of creative experience to deliver something you didn’t even realise you needed. Our website development skills will open doors to possibilities you hadn’t even thought of.

Our Services

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Web Development

Are you starting from the beginning and need a completely new website? Or is your website just looking a little outdated? We understand the importance of landing pages, blog sections, and other ways to deliver high quality content to your clients.

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Website Maintenance

Just like your body starts to suffer if you don’t get examined, your website will suffer if it isn’t maintained. From issues as small as spam comments and slow loading to security threats and out of date SEO, our team is experienced in updating, tweaking, and improving the standard of your website.

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Graphic Design

Key graphics improve businesses. It’s a fact. Blurry images and weird logos put off prospective clients and can actually harm your company. Our team of logo designers has years of experience creating commercial website designs that make you stand out from the crowd.

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SEO Optimization

Getting noticed is hard. You’re good at your job, but how is anyone going to know that if they don’t know you exist? Search Engine Optimization is key to growing your business, finding clients, and being successful online. Understanding you, your business and your market are key to us, so we will research and deliver reports, audits, and SEO tactics to help you jump to the top of Google.

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IT / Security Audits

Security is more than just installing the best antivirus and letting your team work. We know you need security solutions that work for your company and make safe trading and payments even safer. Creating that protected space is our job and we will support your security at every step.

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Other Services

Need a server check? Worried about new hardware that you need to buy? Have a problem with your IT that you can’t even begin to explain? Our Spanish based IT services are used to dealing with a range of problems and will work to get your business running at full capacity again.


Q. Do you only work in Spain?

No way! Although we are based in Andalucia, we can arrange a meeting over Zoom or Skype to find out exactly what you need and give you our Spanish IT services from abroad. We have the technology to serve clients in Canada, China, or New Zealand. Why would we limit our services to just Spain?

Q. How long does it take to make a website?

That depends on what you need. A simple blog with a landing page is quicker to make than a full forum with over 1000 pages.

Q. How much do you charge for a website?

Again, that depends. We can work out a package that meets your needs and gets you the exact product you want, but this can really vary depending. Get in touch in the contact form below and find out more about our payment plans.

Q. Can you make me a website from scratch?

Of course, we can host, build, and maintain a website from scratch just for your business if that’s what you need. We will need to find out exactly what you need and get some details from you, but building a new website from scratch is definitely possible.

Q. My website just needs a touch up - can you do that?

Yes, and it’s easy to do. We can give you a range of services to put a bit of life into an old website, from a complete redesign to basic maintenance and upgrading. If you’re not sure what your website needs, send us an email with a link and we’ll draw up how we would improve it.

Q. What do you need from me?

We need to gather a few details before we can begin. Obviously, we want to know what you want your website to look like. Then we need to discuss if our plans for your website are to your liking. We can make changes throughout the process, but large scale redesigns at a late date are impossible without additional payment.

Q. Do you do graphic design?

Our design team has over 15 years creating new, inspiring designs that make businesses pop. We can offer packages that include icons, banners, and anything else you need, especially designed for you.

Q. Can you include some of my designs?

Of course, in fact that’s extremely useful for us! Knowing more about you makes the design process easier. Sending us sketches and ideas will help us create a better graphic that is exactly to your specifications.

Q. Do you manage security?

Yes, if you want us to. We have a crack team of hardened cybersecurity specialists who will make the necessary changes to your website and maintain its health over the long term. We know how important security is to any business, so we offer a range of packages to help you get the level of protection you need.

Q. Do you run Pentesting?

Our security audits include penetration testing. Managing security is more than just trying to break into a system, but it’s a service that we can offer to harden your systems and keep your data safe.

Q. Will my website’s security be self-managing?

No, but we do offer packages for continued security supported as well as security training for IT professionals and non-IT professionals alike. Keeping your business safe is important to us, so check out our courses and make the most of our years of expertise.

Q. Can you carry out website maintenance?

Absolutely, for your design, security, and performance needs. We are also happy to offer consultancy services on how to improve your website over the long term.

Q. Do you do SEO audits?

Our dedicated SEO specialists can easily perform audits for you and will give you up to date feedback on how to improve your keywords for your industry

Q. Can you do the SEO for me?

Of course! SEO is a constant process and requires a lot of research to make sure that it is done right. Depending on the package that you want, our team can dedicate time to researching your niche, developing SEO targets, and implementing those changes

Q. I have a problem with my server - can you help?

Depending on the issue, we can certainly try. If you are a long distance away, it may be difficult to make hardware changes, but managing and evaluating your networking and server performance is something we are well prepared to do.

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